Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To: T-shirt Rag Rug

In this tutorial I will explain how to make a colorful rug made out of old t-shirts, 
so brace yourself.

old t-shirts (preferably shirts that have nothing on them)
string/embroidery cord
large piece of cardboard

This rug is pretty simple because its mainly just weaving between strings. First you take the cardboard and cut slits on the top and bottom about an inch apart. Next, you take the string and wrap it around the cardboard and place it in the slits. Secure the ends with tape.

Next you want to make the t-shirts into yarn. You want to use plain blank shirts with nothing on them. I purchased mine at goodwill and x-large t-shirts are always best. To make the shirts into yarn you will start from the bottom of the shirt and continually cut around the t-shirt until you reach the sleeves of the shirt. The rest of the shirt isn't used in this project but maybe for another project.

Now take the yarn and start to weave it between the string and cut the string accordingly. After you have filled the cardboard with t-shirt yarn or weaved to your desired size you will then tie each end of the t-shirt yarn together. 

Then cut the string at the top and bottom and tie the strings together.

You are now finished with your t-shirt rag rug. enjoy!

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